Saturday, 8 August 2015


Pink, iconic for its for its girlishness and connections to femininity, and for any expectant parent or little girl a representation of the female gender as a whole, yet, probably because of it's now patronizing and sickly connotations it is now a colour hated by many women.
 It's over use in advertising as companies attempt to target products towards women using pink because of the stereotype all women love it, and this separation from birth, using pastel pink and blue as a form of identification of a child's gender.
Hating pink is now the norm amoungst women instead of a rebellious movement it once was when the colour was first molded into the patronizing and over used shade forced into a girl's life and wardrobe.
So it got me thinking, is wearing pink now becoming rebellious?
 As if the irony of an independent, self-minded woman wearing a shade so commonly linked to a man's idea of what is feminine and what a woman wants, gives an outfit humor and a sarcastic flare. And what woman doesn't love to be sarcastic? It's certainly a thought I love the sound off with pink being one of the biggest next season trends and it will certainly be something I say when people question the colour choice as I wear it over the next few months, Well, I love pink, its flirty and fun and has a sense of individuality that's completely unique and I hope to be seeing a lot more of it in the next few months.