Wednesday, 22 July 2015


No, this post isn't revealing my knew secret identity as Princess Consuela... for all you Friends watchers out there... but this is a post to reveal the slightly different direction my blog is heading in. It's not drastically different but hopefully my new name and look should reflect how my blog has grown up with me and my intentions to include a lot more fashion posts in the future. Despite my love for all things beauty and the fact I'd be happy to absorbe myself completely into the world of make-up and skincare, I do fear I've lost myself and my blog and have headed too deep into the sea of cosmetics and forgotten my intentions completely, and that was to use this platform to put my love of fashion into words. You'll still be seeing beauty product reviews, make-up and skincare routines but with some fashion and outfit posts mixed into the collection.

 I hope you all enjoy the journey down this new and slightly different path and stay with my along the way and I hope it becomes a nicer blog for you all to read and a nicer one for me to post on.