Tuesday, 3 March 2015


With the past two months being 'No money months' I have completely rediscovered my love for the Drugstore with many new discoveries finding their way to my everyday makeup along with some old, affordable favorites. Admittedly there are some things you just can't find in your local Boots but some budget friendly brands are just brilliant and offer great value for money on some faultless products.

When it comes to brows I've never had much trust in the more affordable brands, as their shade choice can be poor and disappointing for someone with sparse, light blonde brows like myself but recently I've discovered two great products that have completely restored my faith in the Drugstore. Admittedly my first favourite isn't anything particularly special and isn't the best quality product out there but it has managed to find it's way into my most loved recently because it's a shade that actually matches my brows. For some reason budget brands just can't do brows and the shades are always dark, red-y brows that aren't great for me, with the light blonde hair so when I do find a shade that works I immediately fall in love and the product I've been using everyday for the past month is Maybelline's Master Shape, Brow Pencil. A product that has completely transformed my sparse brows has been LOreal's, Brow Plumper, the long wand means it's much easier to use than the annoyingly short wands of most other drugstore brow gels and the perfectly sized brush and the great gel leaves your brows fully plumped and set in place all day without being shiny or crusty. 

When it comes to concealer I haven't strayed away from the usual, Wake me Up but the recent cold weather has made me appreciate it's powers of transforming dull skin and under eye circles into something of the past. It's perfect for any where you need brightening and offers great coverage that lasts all day. 

For eyes I've been loving two No7 products, A Stay Perfect Eye-shadow in Truffle which is a gorgeous bronze-y brown shade, not the bright blue that the website says it is and their Stay Perfect Shade and Define, cream Shadow stick in Gunmetal Grey which is a gorgeous shimmery, grey shade with slight purple undertones that complement my green eyes perfectly. I've been rotating between these products all month as, unfortunately they do not complement one another and they both, like all No7 products are faultless with packaging that rivals those of a high end brand. Admittedly not the most affordable brand, No7 is the more expensive side of Drugstore but all their products are great quality. 

Another favorite when it comes to eyes has been Bourjois' new addition to the family, the Colorband cream Eye-shadow and Liner in the shades Beige Minimal, Rose Fauviste and Brun Dadaiste . All a gorgeous shades perfect for the transition between winter and spring as they add a gorgeous, pigmented sheen to the lids and the cream formula makes them long lasting and perfect for layering power eye-shadows over the top or on their own as a more natural tint of colour.

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  1. Great post! I have light blonde brows too and I have been disapointed too many times. I will try out the ones you mentioned - perfect that you thought about a budget point of view :)



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