Sunday, 29 March 2015


A recent trip to the ballet, something I'm not exactly accustomed to, called for a slightly less natural make-up look and being completely unsure of what to go for, I decided to go for the classic. Admittedly it seemed the safe option but when in doubt a red lip always goes down well and paired with gold, shimmery eyes and natural, glow-y skin, well, what's not to like? 

For my base I stuck to my usual which I talk about here, and skipped the blush as I didn't fancy a pink face alongside a red lip but I did opt for a good helping of my favorite highlighter, The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer, and left it there; natural, light and if I'm honest...easy. 

For my eyes I started with one of Bourjois' most recent additions to the family, their Colourband Shadow Sticks in the shade Beige Minimal which is a neutral, gold, shimmery shade that I like to apply all over my lids as well as on my lower lash line. It adds a really nice sheen to the lids and also works well under other shadows, working as a base, helping powder shadows to stay put for longer which puts it in my good books. I then deepened it up with my beautiful No7 palette which I was lucky to receive around Christmas time and, if I remember correctly, was part of a Christmas collection from the brand. Although not available any more most the shades are sold as individual shadows or are in some of their smaller palettes they sell. I opted for shade 14 which is taken from their Golden Trio and blended in into my crease which adds a gorgeous, bronzed look to the eyes. I then lined my upper lash line with By Terry's, Khol Terrybly Color Eye Pencil in Bronze Generation which is the most amazing eyeliner. It's long lasting, pigmented and easy to apply, great for any eyeliner noobs like me and the shade Bronze generation is a Jet black with a subtle golden shimmer which complemented my golden eye shadows very well. I then added lashings of No7's Lash Impact mascara for voluminous, long lashes and lined my water line with a nude liner to open up and brighten my eyes.

In hope that it would help my lipstick last all night I used Max Factor's Color Elix Liner in the shade Red Rush. Although extremely long lasting and pigmented I was disappointed by this product because of the fact it isn't really red, more like a deep pink which then made the red lipstick I applied on top look pink as well. I would recommend this product for quality and price but I wouldn't trust their names as they are very deceiving. Over the top of my liner I then applied Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in the shade Grand Cru which is a very deep, matte red. I love the finish and colour of this product but found it not to be as long lasting as I expected or hoped but it's a beautiful shade and adds a slight twist on the classic red lip.