Thursday, 12 February 2015


My current base has probably got to be my favorite combination of products I've ever used. I've managed to find that perfect dewy glow and long lasting coverage combination that has really helped my skin look healthy all day when in reality it is just like the horrible winter weather; grey, dull and in need of a little sunshine, aren't we all?

For primer, surprise, surprise it's Laura Mercier's foundation primer. I'm nearing the end of my second tube of this stuff and I've already got my self the next. My favorite primer ever, it helps my make-up last all day while giving it a glowy, smooth complexion. What I love most about this primer is the texture, unlike most primers that are either too silicone-y and feel thick and heavy on the skin or are too much like a moisturizer and do absolutely nothing to help your make-up last longer, this primer sits perfectly in the middle. It has a smooth, pleasant texture that feels really hydrating and soothing on the skin but still helps to smooth out imperfections and acts as an adhesive for your foundation, creating a long lasting base. The packaging is travel friendly and easy to use and clean which is always great but still feels and looks luxurious. 

For my foundation I've really been loving something that helps hide my tired winter skin and angry breakouts while still looking super natural and a foundation that does all that is Bourjois' Healthy Mix. One of my favorite foundations, it transforms my dull skin and helps it look healthy and has a gorgeous natural dewy finish that lasts all day. 

To hide my nasty under-eye circles I've been loving Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer. Bought in the lightest shade it acts as a luminous coverage that helps counteract those awful blue tones of my under eye circles because of the subtle yellow tones. 

                                         What base products are you currently loving?