Wednesday, 21 January 2015


My nails haven't been in the best condition lately, the cold weather drys them up and glitter nail polishes have left them cracked and flakey, all in all they haven't been so great. My nails aren't usually something I feel I need to worry about, they're usually strong, fast growing and with a quick swipe of nail polish they're sorted but lately I thought it was time I really started to take better care of them. With such a huge collection of nail polishes it seems a waste to let my nails get in such bad condition, especially considering how bad they look even when wearing nail polish.

To help my nails strengthen and repair I've been using Sally Hansen's nail rehab which has helped to improve the overall condition of my nails. I wear it on it's own or under other nail polishes to help smooth out my nails and help them grow faster. The colour is a natural, nude/pink that gives a slight tint to the nails and leaves them looking shiny and healthy.

A great base coat that has helped improve the look of my nails when wearing nail polish is the Nails inc Kesington caviar base coat. It helps my nail polish last a lot longer and leaves it looking smooth and flawless. Easy to apply and quick drying it's a great option no matter how bad you are at applying nail polish.

With my cuticles being in really bad condition as well as my nails a face oil I've been loving as a cuticle oil is the Pure Super-Active Overnight face oil. To oily to use on my skin but really great at repairing dry skin this is a great option to help my damaged nails and cuticles and even works well when a few drops are combined with a hand cream to help really dry hands.

Regular application of a good hand cream has also helped my nails get back to their healthy selves allowing me to get back to the constant use of Essie's Fear Or Desire- my all time favorite nail polish!