Monday, 15 December 2014


Grey, dull and lacking any glow, that pretty much sums up my skin in Winter. Despite a huge choice of skincare products that claim to add glow when you've just woken up who has time to start applying face masks and serums? so when in desperation, I turn to make-up and there are certain products I turn to on a dark, December morning.

A moisturiser I love for adding a healthy glow is The body Shop's, Vitamin E Moisture cream. As well as keeping my skin hydrated during the colder months it sinks in quickly so it's great for when you're in a rush and need to apply your make-up instantly.
After that, a primer and the one I just couldn't live without when my skin is looking dull is from Laura Mercier. This gorgeous tube contains a primer that glides onto the skin creating a seamless and glowing base that makes it easy to apply any foundation, quickly.

For dewy, healthy looking skin I love Bourjois' Healthy mix, a heavily hyped up foundation famous for the gorgeous looking skin it gives. It's 100% worth the hype and does exactly what it says on the tin, gives a healthy glow, that completely conceals dull, winter skin.
To finish of the perfect, glowing base, another product that's great for a dewy appearance is the Wake me up concealer from Rimmel. Great at hiding those dark circles and even works well as a subtle highlighter on the brow bone and bridge of the nose.

All these products are the ones I take out of storage when my skin is looking a little worse for wear and they all work complete wonders and transform my grey, winter skin.

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