Thursday, 18 December 2014


So far December has been a month of discoveries and the five products I've been loving above them all are right here in all their glory and all of them great for this time of year.

First up an amazing mascara, Teez's Desert Metals mascara. As well as being beautifully packaged the product is amazing, it doesn't smudge which is great if your a sufferer of the panda eyes like me. The wand is a triangular shape so the small tip insures that every lash is covered and the tube insures that there is never too much product on the wand which prevents any overly clumpy lashes. A great for the party season to finish of an eye look that will last all night.
And to go with your perfect party eyes, an alternative to the usual red lip and a great one for a Christmas meals where you don't want a bold lip smudged all over your face is the lip shine crayon from No7. In a huge range of colours from natural to a little bolder, they give a nice sheen to the lips and fade nicely through the night.

I love nail polish, I have draws and boxes all over my room dedicated to their storage but unfortunately my nails pay the price which is why Sally Hansen nail rehab has been on my nails all month, either under another colour or by its self for a natural pink wash of colour. It helps improve the condition of my nails, making them stronger and grow quicker.
Over the top of this great strengthening base I've been loving is Rimmel's 60 second nail polish in the shade Rapid Ruby. It's a really nice jell affect, deep red that's great for the festive season.

An amazing skin care product that's great for dull for winter skin is Ren's Flash Rinse 1 minute facial. It helps fight redness and leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft. A perfect product for a pre or post party pamper session, its great and quick!  


  1. Design of this mascara looks great

    1. It's gorgeous, I just cant get enough of it. x

  2. Love the colour of the nailpolish <3


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