Saturday, 27 December 2014


I love the days that follow Christmas, admittedly not as much as Christmas day but for me it's still part of Christmas and it's a great time to relax in amongst the piles of presents and left over food. It's also a great time for a pamper session, in-between scowering the internet for all the best sales and eating your own body weight in chocolate. 

When it comes to a pamper session a bubbly, hot bath is the obvious choice and if that's the case a few drops of the Maddi Alexander's Rose bath oil and Soap and Glory's Stress-battling bubble bath is the perfect combination for a wonderfully scented, relaxing bath. Both products smell gorgeous and combine to make the perfect bath.

When it comes to a great shower gel that lathers perfectly and smells delicious it's got to be Molton Brown and I really love the Orange and Bergamot scent, it's fruity and fresh yet spicy which makes a perfect winter scent. Another fruity option is the Rituals' Fortune scrub, it's gentle and affective leaving the skin soft, smooth and cleansed. The beads exfoliate the skin while cleansing it and it even lathers into a soapy goodness. 

After getting out of the bath and just before slipping into my Christmas pyjamas (it's OK until January) I like to use the Caudalie Nourishing Body lotion to keep my skin super soft. It's absorbed quickly and feels light on the skin, leaving my whole body hydrated and smooth.
To feel completely relaxed and to help me fall a sleep quickly a few sprays of The pillow spray from This works goes down a treat.

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  1. I LOVE soap & glory. Theyre stuff smells divine doesn't it. Molton Brown is also pretty spesh I think!
    Happy new year!
    Sarah-Jane xo //


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