Monday, 3 November 2014


It can be easy to give into to the hype of products and expect yourself to love them without considering wether they are right for you. Over the past few months I've been trying many skin care products, not because I knew my skin would love them, but because I assumed it was what I needed but because someone else did.

When it comes to exfoliating I've always been a lover of the good old fashioned face scrub, a gentle one used not so often worked well for my skin but recently I decided to try the liquid approach, a chemical exfoliate. I assumed that it would help my skin achieve that healthy glow we all lack in the colder months but instead I found the products I tried stinging my skin and causing a mass amount of breakouts. After trying many different products I decided to return to my old method and my skin couldn't be happier for it. It turns out manual exfoliates are what my skin wants.

Face masks, we all need to use one now and again but a few weeks ago my skin felt a little congested so I decided to completely overload my skin with different, heavy and stripping masks for a week or so. Bad decision. Instead of clearing my skin it just brought more problems to the surface and completely dried out my skin. Sometimes when you have oilier skin it can be hard not to give into the temptation to do everything to dry it out but no matter what your skin type is, being gentle is best.

Recently I've changed the way I view my skin, realising that not every product will be right for me and if I'm using something that my skin really loves maybe I shouldn't cut it out of my regime completely.
Although I'll never really know until I try something it's always worth baring in mind that my skin is individual and I might not love a product just because someone else did and I shouldn't just assume that I will get on with it. 


What do you think? I read and appreciate all your comments...