Tuesday, 11 November 2014


We all spend a large chunk of our lives sleeping, granted, not as much as we would like but still enough to want nice, comfortable surroundings. Even when I'm not sleeping I spend a lot of time in bed, especially at this time of year and I've always loved my bedroom to be my space full of personal touches. With my bedroom having white walls it has become decorated by possessions and memories which means my room is always changing, not drastically, but gradually new things work their way on to my dressing table or stuck to the wall. 

I've always been quite a girly person and there's no way of me denying that, especially looking at these pictures. My dressing table, well actually my whole room, is worked around my make-up and beauty storage with most my stuff ending up being positioned in the best way for getting ready for the day and most importantly, getting into bed. 

Just like the trinkets that litter my room, my bedding is another thing that changes style quite often.With my bed being covered in home-made cushions, colourful pillows and patterned bed spreads and surrounded by streams of fairy lights, it's kind of become my little den, making it very hard to get up when my alarm sounds in the morning. 


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