Thursday, 30 October 2014


Like most beauty obsessors I have an excessive amount of nail polishes, so much so that I have boxes and draws dedicated to their storage. This means that picking a colour for my nails can often become a long process that involves me rummaging round my room and I often just give up. So I've recently got into the habit of keeping my current favourites on my dressing table and so I thought I'd share the ones I chose for October.

First up, not just my favourite of the three but most definitely my favourite nail polish of all time, Essie's 'fear and desire'. This vibrant nail polish adds such a pop to the nails and the formula is thick and long lasting. I love this for the Autumn months as the orange seems so appropriate for this time of year.

A nail polish that hasn't just been great for October but is also one I used in Summer is '66, Matt White' from Barry M. I love white especially on my nails, I just think it looks so chic and elegant.

Another Barry M nail polish I've been getting plenty of use out of is the shade '341 Cappuccino'. An unusual colour which is definitely different to any other nail polish I own.

What have you been wearing on your nails this month?


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