Sunday, 5 October 2014


 This has to be the most beautiful, wonderful, exciting (ok, I've run out of adjectives) thing I've ever received in the post! My little box is a monthly subscription beauty box that comes full of surprise goodies from make-up to stationery. Yep, the beauty box is back and they seem to be popping up everywhere.
The box it's self is adorable and comes full of amazing products that are lovingly packaged up in beautiful bags and ribbons. In your box you'll always find 3 beauty products, a gift and a cute accessory   but you don't know what they'll be until your box arrives. As well as this box including a full sized product from a well known brand you'll also receive a product from the 'My little beauty' collection, a range of products made just for your box.
I just love these little boxes and I can't wait for my next one...



  1. this actually looks so adorable i am going to go on their website right now! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, it's so great receiving a box of surprises every month. It's quite a good price as well, especially considering how much time and effort goes into the little details, it's so beautiful xx

  2. I just love the look of this product. So much so I've bought a subscription for my friend's birthday!


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