Thursday, 23 October 2014


When it comes to make-up brushes there are some great budget options out there and sometimes it's really worth sticking with the drugstore.
My favourite brand to buy brushes has to be Real Techniques, they're such good quality and so well priced. The hairs are soft and dense and apply make-up perfectly and they have a brush for everything. My favourites include The expert face brush, The buffing brush and The contour brush.  
Another great place to buy brushes is E.L.F cosmetics. The cheaper ones, no, they're crap but the brushes from the studio collection are really great, especially The flawless concealer brush.
An underrated brand to get brushes from has to be Eco Tools I got a set for my birthday and was really surprised by the quality, especially considering the price.


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  1. My faves are Real Techniques too. I totally agree with you that EcoTools are underrated! They really are surprisingly good for the price :) x

    Ria @


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