Tuesday, 19 August 2014

UNDERRATED?- foundations we don't hear about

Two of the most raved about drugstore foundations in the blogging world are Rimmel's wake me up and Bourjois' healthy mix but what about two very similar foundations from the same brands?
As someone who found Rimmel's wake me up a bit too shiny, match perfection seemed like a perfect
option and it was! It gave just the right dewiness while still looking good around my more oily patches which is great if you're like me and hate using powder. It's staying power was good and lasted all day but it did oxidise a little after too long which left it looking a little patchy. Overall I thought it was a really good foundation which deserves the same amount of hype as the wake me up.
As a lover of the healthy mix foundation I was slightly reluctent to try an alternative, but I wanted to try a matte option and seen as i'm not the biggest matte fan I thought if there was ever a matte foundation to try it would be a Bourjois one.  Woah...that was a long sentence, did you get all that? Anyway, despite trying the Bourjois option I still wasn't a fan. I'm just not a matte person and I couldn't get past that. I thought it looked patchy and the matte looked unhealthy. This deffently doesn't live up to the hype of the orginal healthy mix.


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