Tuesday, 5 August 2014

SKINCARE- the evening routine

I know that the morning skin-care routine is usually the first one people talk about, but my evening routine is by far my favourite of any beauty regimes. There's something really satisfying about taking all your make-up off at the end of the day and I go to bed much happier knowing my skin is ready for bed.

In the evening I mainly concentrate on making sure all my makeup is removed and my skin is properly cleansed. I start with a make-up remover and take of the main bulk of my makeup off with that, I'm currently using the Micellar water from Superdrug's B range. Everything about this product screams bio-derma and these multi-tasking cleansing water's are currently all the rage in the drugstores so I thought it was only right to include one. Although I really like this product I find it can sting my eyes, if your looking for a slightly more high end product I would really recommend Clinique's take the day of make-up remover. It's so quick to take off all makeup and is super gentle around the eyes.

I'm a big fan of double cleansing, I feel my skin is much happier when I do. To start I like using Nip+fab's deep cleansing fix, I've talked about this product before and it's great at removing what's left of your make-up, when used as a hot cloth cleanser. Next I've been really loving Yes to tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser. Targeted at combination skin, Yes to tomatoes help fight blemishes and I've certainly seen a difference in my skin since I've used this. You use it like you would a face wash, except it doesn't lather, and it leaves my skin feeling so clean. If the tomato range isn't for you there is also other ranges for other skin problems and needs which are worth a try.

After cleansing I always use a toner. Simple's soothing toner is an old favourite that never lets me down, it's refreshing and well...soothing, funnily enough. I love it and I've never managed to find a replacement. I don't always use a serum or oil as they can be a bit too much for my skin and I don't always need it but when I do I've been enjoying Pure's (an M&S brand) super active, overnight oil. It's super moisturising and smells like lavender which always sends me to sleep. But I find it doesn't always sink in quick enough and leaves a slightly oily residue. One step I don't skip is another old favourite and another simple product- the hydrating, light moisturiser. I love this stuff and probably always will! My skin is quite oily so I don't like or need anything too moisturising and this product gives all the hydration my skin needs without being too heavy.

I leave my routine at that, I personally don't use any eye cream because my eyes are the only place that are easily irritated my products  and I haven't gotten to the age yet where I need to start worrying about wrinkles and fine-lines.


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