Saturday, 16 August 2014

COLOUR TREND- The white edit

White has been a huge colour trend this summer, it's been everywhere. White is always a hit with me, especially in late summer as it's great for enhancing a tan and I'm hoping it will be a big trend in autumn too as I can't get enough of it.  White looks great with every colour and every skin tone and is easily adaptable throughout the seasons. All in all its a very practical colour.
My favourite way to wear white is on my nails, its just such an easy way to wear it. I'm currently really loving the white, matte polish from Barry M, I always love matte, I feel it's a great twist on a traditional colour.
White, crisp eyes has been my favourite makeup trend this summer and its also due to be a big trend this autumn/winter aswell. White eyeliner as been a daily must for me, it's great for covering redness on my waterline which makes my eyes look wider. I've recently been using the soft kohl liner from Maybelline.
A great way to incorporriate white into an outfit is with accsessories and my most worn piece of jewellery the summer has been my pandora watch. It's white leather strap and gold rimmed face makes it different to most watches and I absolutely love it. I've been pairing my watch with my white and gold Dorothy Perkins statement neckless, its a perfect match.

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