Monday, 14 July 2014

SEVENTEEN blemish balm

I have never been a fan of BB creams and unfortunately this was no exception! This claims to "reveal the magic of flawless skin" where as I found it just turned into an orange, cakey mess! I expect a BB cream to provide a light yet healthy coverage but this was thick and heavy and hard to blend. The colour choice was poor, I bought it in the lightest shade but it was still too dark, orange and patchy. It felt strange on the skin, it was sticky, gloopy and had a weird oily residue which separated leaving the skin unnaturally shiny. After spending along time blending it in, the BB cream still sat on the skin and instead of enhancing the skin it just drew attention to my imperfections and after applying it I had to take it off! I tried it again a few days later just to have the exact same result. I was really disappointed with this and it hasn't made me want to try other BB creams or other products form SEVENTEEN.    

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