Thursday, 31 July 2014

MAKE-UP ROUTINE- summer edition

Just like most things beauty and fashion related my make-up routine changes with the seasons, especially mid summer. The heat and sun really affects my skin so I like to change to more summer friendly products, plus its a great excuse to go shopping for more make-up.

For a base, even in the hotter months I still like good coverage and I've never found a BB cream I like so I've opted for the lightweight coverage of No7's Essentially natural foundation. Good call, if I do say so my self! As the name suggests this is a gorgeous natural looking foundation and with No7's colour match system you will always get the right colour for you. I find this super long lasting and it gives me gorgeously dewy skin- perfect for summer. For a concealer I always want something illuminating for under the eyes and at the moment I'm really loving Rimmel's wake me up concealer, with it being slightly yellow toned it counteracts and covers my under eye circles perfectly and gives a great glow which instantly makes you look more awake. When it comes to blemishes I find the wake me up concealer too illuminating so I've been using collection's lasting perfection concealer. Despite this being a highly raved about product, I don't love it. Its thick enough that it covers blemishes but its a fine line between good coverage and it looking a bit cakey.

When it comes to blush and bronzer I like them both matte, I feel it looks more natural, which is always the look I'm going for in summer. For my cheeks I'm really loving the Kiko velvet blush stick, unfortunately the shade number has rubbed off from being in my make-up bag but it is a really lovely, rosy pink shade. Its super creamy, long lasting and easy to blend and gives a really natural flush to the cheeks. To add a touch of warmth to the skin I've been using a matte bronzer from Rimmel, its great at adding colour around the cheek bones and temples. I rarely highlight, I find it a bit of a faff but when I do I use the Sleek liquid illuminator and I love it! I usually use this when I don't feel like bronzing but still want a glow to the skin. It's a beautiful product which gives a gorgeous shine to the skin but sometimes it's a touch too much so I just don't bother.

When it comes to the eyes I like to keep it really natural, often bare. I often just dab on a bit of the Art Deco eye primer then blend some bronzer in to the crease. Something simple that just adds a little definition. For mascara, when it's not No7, it has to be Maybelline's Great Lash, the waterproof one. It adds such volume and length to my lashes and I have to say it's such an underrated product.

To finish of the look I usually just apply a little lipgloss and I'm done but if I want a bit more colour I'll either opt for a Revlon lip butter of some form of chubby stick. The usual really, nothing too surprising for a summer make-up look.             


  1. I loved this post but I would love it even more if you put a picture of how the makeup looks on you :)

    Michelle from

  2. I love the Wake Me Up concealer, it's soooo good at brightening the eye area. And I like to switch to a BB cream in the summer as well, it is so much lighter and a nicer feeling. I've never tried the No.7 one, but I've been using The Body Shops Tea Tree BB Cream, it's really good!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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