Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Creating the perfect work space

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes and shaking your heads at the fact I referred to make-up and beauty as 'work'. But in a way it is. Yer sure, some people are lucky enough to make a living out of the beauty industry but I don't mean like that, I mean in our day to day life's. Its something we can love and hate, it's something we can avoid and dread but also enjoy and look forward to and enjoy. Dedication to your beauty routine is important, we all know that (skincare I'm meaning) but it can become a chore to take of your make-up off every night and cleanse and tone and...well..you get the gist. But having that area in your bedroom, in your house, dedicated to your beauty regime can really help you stick to it. If it's an area you enjoy sitting at, a place surrounded by things you love and maybe even memories (yes I know, getting cheesy) that's it will help you start to love that part of your day and hopefully help you stop skipping it. And yes, I'm guilty of falling asleep with my make-up on and skipping my SPF in the morning but when I do sit down to do my skincare routine I really do enjoy it and that's got as much to do with the fact I love my surroundings as it's got to do with my love of all things beauty.
To create my perfect dressing table I like to insure it's covered in stuff, I'm not really one for minimalism. Nearly everything in these pictures, even the desk are second hand or vintage from my 1940's mirror and my 60's cigar box (now filled with lipsticks) to my cheap eBay table and stool which I painted and re-upholstered myself. But despite the price or age I love it all! Spending the time collecting one of gems instead of just nipping to ikea really pays off, don't get me wrong I love ikea but sometimes its nice to have something a little more unique and special...

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