Saturday, 31 May 2014

NIP+FAB Deep Cleansing Fix

It's no secret that cleansing is important if not the most important part of any skin routine! Personally I like using cleansing balms and hot cloth cleansers, especially in the evening and especially when they remove make-up too. And this cleanser does all that and more, it would be better named 'magic in a pot'! It doesn't just claim to cleanse but to mask, moisturise, hydrate, smooth and nourish. As a person with combination skin this product is perfect for me as it helps fight everything from dry patches to blemishes. One of it's many uses is as a hot cloth cleanser and I use it in the evening when I work it into my dry skin to remove my make-up and begin my cleansing routine. And the fact this product is packed full of skin loving ingredients means my skin is always left healthy and plump. The tea tree oil helps clear pores and dry out blemishes and the almond oil means it hydrates and battles dry skin which is why it's also great as a face mask. Leave on your skin for 10 minutes for a super deep cleanse or you can even leave a thin layer on your skin over night for a "intensive hydrating treat", I personally haven't used it like this as I feel it would be too much for my oily patches but I have put a small amount directly on my individual blemishes which works really well to dry them up.
Love, Love, Love this product (in-case you couldn't tell)!! And I will definitely be trying more from the brand.        

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