Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Body Shop...a little review

My love for The body Shop comes from my mum-who goes through a tub of their coconut body butter nearly every month. But despite of her love for them I find the body butters way to rich and I don't have the patients to spend hours rubbing them into my skin, but when I spotted a body oil I just couldn't resist. I go through this stuff like water as the light weight formula of the 'Moringa, Beautifying oil' is absorbed by the skin in seconds and takes even less time to apply, making it perfect after an early morning shower. The gorgeous scent is noticeable yet still subtle enough to wear with perfume and I love the freshness of the scent so much I also purchased the shower gel and body spray.
      It says you can use this oil on the hair and face as well as the body but I don't intend to use it on my face and I found it was greasy on my hair.
      After using this product for two months on a daily basis, I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin, mainly because the fact this product is so quick and easy to use means I no longer skip the step  moisturising my body and instead of dreading the moisturising step I enjoy it.
      There is absolutely no doubt that I'll be repurchasing this product and I might also try the different available scents they have to offer.   


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