Monday, 3 March 2014

Give Me Volume

Recently I went for the chop and had my hair cut from nearly waist length to a brave shoulder length and had the ends ombre. My hair is blonde with a lot if natural tones and highlights so when ombreing it I had to choose a very light almost platinum blonde which can be very damaging. Luckily I had very healthy hair before hand so the process hasn't done much damage. Nether the less my hair care routine had to be changed to prevent any potential damage and to keep it healthy especially if I were to repeat the dying process to keep my ombre fresh, which I am planning on doing. I've also changed my hair routine because now it's shorter it's a lot easier to maintain but also in need of some extra styling and excitement.
A new step I now include in my hair care routine is adding volume and I do that by using the TRESemme 24 hour body, Amplifying Mousse and Root Boosting spray. I've ben enjoying using both of these products and have been really pleased with the results.
As an already frequent buyer of TRESemme hair products I had no doubt I would love them but I never expected such a volumizing effect with so little product. Both of these products should be used on damp hair and should be blow dried in. The mousse-unlike others I've tried isn't sticky or heavy but light weight and hardly noticeable in the hair...but the effects are. The root boosting spray is equally great but a lot easier to use as you literally just spray on the roots, dry and go.
I really do love these products and recommend them to anyone looking for that extra volume.

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