Sunday, 8 December 2013

Elf- haul and review

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I recently made my first purchase at Elf (eyes.lips.face) a budget, beauty brand. In the UK we aren't lucky enough to have Elf sold in drugstores like it is in the US so we can only get hold of the products online. This is kind-of a downside seen as you can't match make-up to your skin tone and you have to pay for delivery but the amount you save on buying elf products, in my opinion, makes it worth paying for delivery. I received my parcel 5 days after ordering and standard delivery cost £2.50. Elf also had a 3 for 2 offer the day I ordered, making it even more worth paying for delivery.

On the Elf website there are 3 ranges, the essentials range where everything (with an exception of two products) costs £1.50 the studio range where everything cost £3.75 and the mineral range where everything costs between £5-£7.   
 I'm going to rate the products out of 10. Unfortunately with it being a budget brand it was kinda inevitable that there was going to be some disappointment.

  • Studio, flawless Concealer brush- this is my favourite out of all the products I bought and is currently my favourite make-up brush. The brush is so dense that it picks up plenty of product and the hairs are really soft and fluffy so that everything blends perfectly. It is also a perfect size, I love to use this to blend under-eye concealer and I also use it to contour my nose and highlight my brow bone. I will definitely be purchasing more of the studio make-up brushes. 9/10
  • Essentialshealthy glow bronzing powder- I've really enjoyed using this product, I bought it in the darkest shade with contouring in mind but it actually has a slight shimmer, which I don't think it said on the website. Despite this I still use it as a subtle contour but it looks better as a bronzer. 8/10  
  • Essentials, lipstick- I was really pleased with the lipsticks. I ordered two and they are both amazingly pigmented. They have a large colour range non of which are subtle but perfect for a bold lip. The only problem I had was that the colours I chose are very different to how they look on the website. The packaging is also a bit naff but for the price they are really good. 7/10
  • Essentials, Tone correcting Concealer- This concealer has great coverage and they have a large range of colours. But it has a really strong, strange scent which makes my eyes water and sting a bit which isn't good when applying make-up. 6/10
  • Essentials, powder brush and angled bronzing brush, I was extremely disappointed with both these brushes. The hairs are scratchy and they shed dramatically they're also not dense enough to pick up any product and they don't blend properly. I will not be buying the essential brushes again. 4/10     




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